Court Hire

There are 6 synthetic grass courts available for casual or permanent hire on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday morning.

To book online on any of these days visit TennisVenues

To comply with current Public Health Orders anyone wishing to book a court will need to contact us beforehand and provide the following details:

In the case of Singles:

  1. Names of both players
  2. Proof of Residence for both players within 5km of the Club or within the LGA

In the case of Doubles:

  1. Names of all 4 players
  2. Proof of residence of all players within 5km of the Club or within the LGA
  3. Proof of full vaccination

Once this info has been received we will supply you with a booking code.

TEXT – 0421998215


Please note Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday afternoon and Sunday are club member days. If you would like to book a court on any of these days visit the court hire section on the club’s website-